Are you in a painful or traumatic relationship that you want to exit but not sure how?

Are you connected to your heart and often at a loss for why hurtful people enter your life and continue to create chaos and pain?

Are you tired of repeating the same relationship experience over and over and want to break the cycle of hurt?

Are you ready to experience the empowerment that comes from being able to recognize and connect with safe and healthy people?

Imagine developing kick ass boundaries.

Learn that you can trust yourself, know who to let in your life, who can stay, and who needs to exit.

In our work together, you will be able to identify your boundary blueprint and make sense of the chaos in a way that helps you exit the hurt in order to create the life you deserve free from pain and into the relationships you desire.

“My passion is guiding women out of painful relationships and into the peace and calm that freedom from toxic connections bring”

My Style

I am a fierce guide with heart and soul that is straight up and always focused on your best interests. Our work together will be navigating you towards the change you desire so that you live life on your own terms defined by your own rules. My gentle yet direct style is fuelled by the knowledge that woman are strong and prefer a clear straightforward approach so that they can tune in to their relationships reality and start making the changes and choices that are in their own best interest. I work with women who want to end their relationship pain and become an empowered choice maker. This will bring a sense of calm and confidence that is experienced when we trust our truth and make decisions from that place.

It’s time to tune into your truth and live it. I’ve got your back. Let’s make it happen!

"One Thing That I Can Promise"

I can promise that if we work together life won’t remain the same. Change can be scary but also exciting. Let me connect you to the exciting part and help you navigate the scary part so that you can map out the life you desire with outcomes that light you up.


If you are ready for change, contact me at 604-723-5260,
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If you are ready for change, contact me at 604-723-5260,
or click the button that's right for you.